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Hello...... Thank you for your interest in our Automatic Chicken Coop Door Products:

Our family loves to raise chickens.  There's nothing like the taste or health benefits of fresh, home-grown eggs.  And, feeding the table scraps from our family of 10 to the chickens feels great too. The kids excitement discovering that the chickens laid eggs brings memories of Easter Egg hunts from our past, every day.

But what we don't like is when our chickens get killed and eaten!  We bought 70 baby chicks one spring and they kept getting killed off little by little.  After one year, we only had 9 scared hens left!!

The next spring we were determined to be more disciplined about closing the chicken coop door.  Our family was still excited to raise chickens successfully.  However, things only got worse.

We finally came to terms with the reality that something besides our determination needed to change.  We spoke with 6 people in the neighborhood who raise chickens also to find out what their trick is.  To our surprise, each of them had lost between 6 and 12 hens in the last 7 days!!

That's when we decided to search the Internet for an Automatic Chicken Coop Door.  We found a lot of people who had the dream of doing this but only found one chicken door from a company in England for over $400.00 with shipping.  In addition to being VERY expensive, I was nervous about ordering from a foreign country and it looked like it was going to be a hassle to install.

We decided to build our own chicken door and to do it right.  After starting and running a successful Construction business for 20 years,  I learned that if you're going to do something might you might as well do it right.

Our Automatic Chicken Coop Door worked so well that our neighbors all wanted one!  Before long, our chicken door business was born!

So, with the hopes of instilling this entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on quality in my Family, we started this business to help protect chickens all over the world!  We hope you enjoy the freedom this chicken door provides you and the protection it will provide for your chickens!

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